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What a valuable use of two minutes. Insightful and well put, Krista.

Just this morning, in thinking about how to handle a recent conflict with a friend, I realized that the key was to listen to the emotions, not the words. It's easy to get entangled in a verbal competition that has nothing to do with what's happening underneath. So to stay attuned to what's motivating the words while letting the barbed ones roll off can be a way to just stop the need for defense and competition, the need to win the argument. I think it's a way of putting love first. It's a way of saying, without words, "Yes, there are these disagreements, this pain, this clash of wills. And here I am with you, accepting you in the midst of it."

I especially liked what Krista said about hoping that she would be able to listen in a way that would enable her guests to express something they themselves hadn't put words around before. Listening is not passive. It creates and enables.