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I'm not sure you should have used the word "paradox". Our history is a record of practical efforts to fill the void. It began when an ancestor first asked "Why am I?" and created the first answer. It didn't fill the void for it can't be filled, so someone else modified the original answer or added a new one. The process was repeated every generation since and we live with the consequences. Even the 'good' religions which began as a single answers have been modified and added to until there are for example a billion versions of Christianity. The Venezuelans have added to the open end of history. They have tried and failed to fill the void with the 'good'. Now they are trying the 'bad' and 'ugly'. 

Whether good, bad or ugly all efforts to fill the void are self-destructive. Currently the materialistic 'answer' dominates our effort to fill the void and by the look of it this is the one that could destroy us. Our only hope is that in the coming 'darkness' we will see the 'light'. We will accept that the void cannot be filled and begin to empty it until we are left with the "ideal".