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Locavores are born when there is no money..and we have to grow our own food, make our own clothes,bargain. When there is too much money and dislocation over a generation or two silly people (I don't think they are elite -implying superior)  like to think they invented what is ancient. 
Anyone with memories of a post WW11 childhood remembers vegetable gardens and the taste of simply prepared food.  Anyone for that matter can poke a stick in the earth and grow a lettuce.  Neighbours share. The Earth is bountiful. Many of us have lived this way for as long as we've had a bit of a backyard, and remember our parents and grandparents doing the same.

Eating what we can grow around us should not be costly That is an outrageous model to establish. I hope these elites "who can afford to pay" establish and serve in a Locavore Peace Corps in let's say, Afghanistan,Haiti, Somalia.  And put Humble Pie on the menu at the Farm. And encourage neighbourhood potlucks.  Then we can call it a Movement.....suffrage,civil could you compare yourselves....
but keep at it ...there's a world to feed out there.