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Yes, it is humorous, when we search for God! Because, the search or quest itself is Science.
Science ultimately meets God! The God, that is within you, the energy, the ultimate power source, the SOUL. The soul, inherently positive energy constantly changes, into negative and back to positve based on instances of the moment. Balancing the positive and negatives the soul is representation of Energy. Energy that can neither be destroyed nor created, only transformed. Prayer is nothing but focussed positive energy directed out to overcome the negative. The more energy emanated by humans is positive, the outcomes are positive. Once in a while the soul is in a state of negative energy ( sad events ) and simple analysis, and time regains it back to positve.
When this quest to solve the problem of the Universe is understood, Science and Soul meet.
So the Truth= Soul=Energy(positive+negative) = God= Soul =Truth.