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A friend I work with in the public school, and a neighbor both told me to listen to your show with Seane Corn, and they were right I loved listening to this program, and will listen to it again and again. As a person who came to yoga in and around my fifth decade, I have found yoga (my main focus is vajra yoga and kripalu yoga) to be my way in.

My way in to working with my mind and opening my innate compassion in authentic ways that are not depleting but self generating. I have tried my whole life to be compassionate and gentle, and yoga and meditation have given me the tools to realize these abillites...not always, but surely more regularly.

So bit by bit yoga comes to America in the wild west digital days. I am so grateful to the westerners who have studied these practices and their able teachers who have kept these teachings alive through the centuries....and then there's us...the students and new teachers and the communicators, people like you who help this most helpful and wholely practical learning continue and adapt to different conditions.

With gratitude,
nan mildrum