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I work for an national organization called Character Counts! I head a local coalition in Jacksonville, Florida.

I am currently working to develop a program for recently released offenders to help them recreate their lives, literally from the ground up. As I interviewed, many of the key stakeholders including offenders, case workers, family members and community servants, the word compassion came up over and over.

Creating a community place and space for the re-birthing of a life MUST include compassion. It is from this simple place that relationships grow.

Ironically, as I sit here writing this post in a local coffee shop the song Lean On Me has begun to play. WOW. Talk about feeling the blessings of the universe in this moment. We all need to be able to ask for and give compassion as freely as we talk about giving and receiving love.

As we lean on each other, strength is created beyond understanding...Thank you Krista for this moving and inspiring message. I salute you!!