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I think that Scot Astra has a good idea about violence actually creating more violence rather than stopping it and that the thing to do is to change others minds and often times those who are angry or who appear angry may have actually justifiably good reasons to be and just need someone to listen to them and actually hear them and get to the root of what the problem is and do something, anything to actually help them in a way that can change that for them on any personal level. In this world that we live in of stress and fear it is so easy to lose hope, to want to give up, to begin not to care, to say things we do not mean, to think differently than others according to our own perspectives. I wish I could know this man because I think he could also help me to be able to work on my own message that open communicatons and dialogs are the only way to get any thing to change, and when we take that away, then we lose it all. We cannot fix what we cannot talk about in any diplomatic way. We as a society find so many ways to take that ability away from people, and so the truths are never really known. We do have big lobbiest groups and interests like medical groups and NAMI that affect the way our country thinks or does not think. It goes further than the internet, it is mass produced through every form of media including the internet which is simply another form of it. Scot is right though and he is on target, I see where he could broaden it and maybe help to make some real and needed changes in our country. Even if I may not agree with everything he has to say I think what he has to say is worth hearing, and I think it could be useful, so I wanted to thank you and him for your program.