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NPR ran a story about Clarence Jones who helped MLK with his "I Have a Dream Speech" (imagne!). He told the very engrossing story and there are two things I took away:

1) MLK was into his speech and standing by him was his favorite singer, Mahalia Jackson. He ws going on and going on and it was Mahalia who told him "Tell about your Dream, tell about your dream!" and that's how it got into the speech. Maybe without Mahalia, it wouldn't have been included!

2) Clarence was not about to go to Selma when MLK telephoned him to ask him to join the march, saying he wasn't ready to do it. Then MLK came to Clarence's house to ask him personally and was again refused. Clarence was then invited to go to hear MLK preach at church and it was Clarence's wife who talked him into attending. I won't tell the rest, you can get the rest online (NPR > Clarence Jones. Great story, check it out!