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I believe 100% in the benefits of meditation, TM included. Some treatment providers within the VA have been using it as a form of treatment for PTSD for some time, which is wise and forward thinking.

Watching the video for any length of time was a little annoying as I had to hit pause and then play again to keep the picture going.

After watching quite a ways through (pause, resume, pause, resume) I never did get through to the end, there was some other type of interruption. But the further I got, the presentation did begin to take on the feel of some kind of revivalist meeting. A few big names, lots of testimonial about how great it is with very little in the way of detail or what the audience will be asked to do. Yet. I got curious and looked up the website for The Transcendental Meditation Program, James Krag's organization. Adult course fee: $1500.