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It's difficult not to get enthusiastic about TM. I got great results from my first meditation - I started feeling very happy, instead of being anxious, tense and depressed as I had been for several years. I didn't understand why such a change took place when I first learned the technique, but having studied the extensive research carried out over some forty years, I have come to understand that many physiological and psychological changes take place when you practise it regularly. They come through the release of deep stresses (physiological abnormalities caused by any overload of experience), and through the gradual development of the total brain, instead of having to get by with using only the small parts developed through our present information-based educational system. The changes that take place are very real, very concrete, and have been proven over and over again.

It would be great if all leaders in the armed forces, police force, and the fields of education and health could see this video and then check out all the research on TM for themselves. Then try the technique for themselves. As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.