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I think that this is remarkable. I have over the years been interested in Mr. Lynch's filmmaking having studied his films at college. But I am even more delighted with his philanthropic work. Maybe it takes a creative mind like his to bring forth an unorthodox solution like this. I must say that I am surprised that meditation can be applied so reliably and realistically to such an intense problem. The federal government's funding of research certainly is extremely impressive knowing how competitive their grants for research are. As much as I enjoyed listening to the experiences of the veterans who had PTSD and who felt benefit from their TM experience, I think that the reports by the three doctors and two researchers that had measured results through objective tests was what is clearly most impressive. I can only hope that this new yet ancient approach to helping people overcome the ravages of traumatic stress really works. My heart really goes out to our veterans who are coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD and we really need to find ways to help them. I certainly hope that the people at the Veterans Administration are alert to this and are open to using new, "evidenced-based" approaches like this.