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Mixed feelings here, too. We can't know from watching whether this child was looking for approval in the context of scarcity or from a companionable and secure joining in. I do believe that during early childhood we're probably more able to tune in to our own intrinsic experience of spirituality, whether or not that reflects the religious beliefs and practices of our family and community. One's family and community will, of course, influence that at some point. However we might define what's going on here, that child will inevitably decide for herself what's what.

As for the connection of movement and spiritual practices, I think it's wise to consider the depth of experience and integration that many in western cultures miss. Think of whirling dervishes, tribal Native American, Australian and African spiritual practices, and how a great many of us are fascinated and drawn in. I suspect this is one reason why evangelical religions are growing so rampantly in the US.