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My family just finished watching your conversation with Dan Barber. Thank you for bringing it to us! Last spring, we had the privilege of eating at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Krista, Rabbi Sandy Sasso was right when she said the food, and the experience, is really beyond words.

Once before, when I was in college, I went home with a classmate of mine and his parents prepared a meal that was completely "of the land". His father had killed the deer that provided the venison, and the potatoes and carrots and corn and salad greens were from the family land. I recognized then (30 years ago) that this meal provided not only nourishment, but a profound spiritual connection with the land.

In a similar way, a trip to Blue Hill at Stone Barns allowed us to experience that connection. One of the dishes consisted of an egg, likely freshly laid hours before, with some greens and other seasonings. When I tasted it, tears came to my eyes, it was so...well, "delicious" doesn't begin to do it justice, and the experience was beyond words. Really, you have to experience it. I would very much urge you, when next you are in the New York area, to dine there if at all possible. It is a transcendent event (also very expensive, but completely worth it!)

Thank you and your staff for all you do. Your show is consistently outstanding.