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What if it is found that from the perspective of truth, (truth being the compilation of acquired knowledge through time; ie.... the world is now round instead of flat...), there are right and wrong traditions of belief ? That even in all the metaphoric interpretation of all the diverse strands of human searching for understanding and meaning there will emerge new discoveries that will take closer to reality and force us to leave old and even harmful ideas behind; ie. good and bad beliefs. Then choices must be made.
I have been watching and listening to SOF since the beginning and have noticed the obvious evolution. It seems that underlying the stage upon which the cacophony of spiritual music is played is a foundation of the fundamental need for unification; to bring all the divergent faiths and creeds and philosophies into some new harmony. While I keep hearing the call for more to come to ,"the Discussion", I see the planet spin constant and steady toward darkness.
Is what we're doing here exploration? Or are we trying to survive ?