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I work in a large church (musician) so I've often invited our pastors and staff to check out programs on Speaking of Faith. I can tell they're thinking: "Speaking of Faith? Faith?! Why didn't I know about this program?!" So, because of that and because of how the show has expanded and affirmed my own faith, I didn't want the name to change. However, the name change has made me less apprehensive about sharing this program with my hair dresser who is from Afghanistan, my neighbors who are Buddhist (I'm guessing), and family members who have left the faith (as we understood it growing up together). I feel more free to share it outside my church group, I think, without the fear of being misunderstood or pushy. To me, the show will still be speaking of "faith" because that's the word with which I still need to connect . "Being" broadens it for me in a good way, though; and if it helps me share it more freely, that's a good thing. I do appreciate knowing how much thought went into the change, and I understand. I might have been curious and skeptical otherwise.