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Thank you Krista. I have listened to the radio show for years. I must say that I was drawn to the show by it's initial title. Frankly, I may not have been attracted to it if it was first named "Being." Contemplating our "being" is intreging. It does cause one to ask the popular questions, why? and for what purpose? But I also see the focus on being as rather self-centered. When looking at the concept of "faith," I believe one is drawn away from self and one's thinking can expand beyond the human envelope. Bottom line: I'll miss "faith" in the title; but, Krista, I'll still listen. I just hope that you do not quit asking the global religions to explain themselves . . . I believe they hold so much in common that they must not be ignored . . . as they do attempt to explain our very being and beyond - questions humanity has asked from the beginning.