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"Speaking of Faith" began at a time when it was difficult for people to speak about faith. The show modeled how discussions of faith could be nonjudgmental, explorative and inclusive experiences. I agree that the content of the program has evolved and expanded as listeners grew comfortable seeing more and more aspects of their lives in spiritual ways. However, I don't like the title "Krista Tippett on Being." I think a better title would be "On Being with Krista Tippett." As much as I appreciate Krista Tippett's incredible ability to describe multifaceted concepts as if they were jewels held up to a light, being turned this way and that, it is not all about her. The show works because of the GUESTS she has and the connections we are able to make with them because of the questions she asks them. The listeners have always been "with Krista Tippett" as she asks the guests the questions the listeners wanted to ask (or wished they had thought of to ask). She has been our guide, never our instructor, which is one of the reasons it felt comfortable for listeners to explore new ideas. The title "On Being with Krista Tippett" better describes 1) what the show has become programatically and 2) the host's special relationship with her listeners.