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This was a journey of discovery --for her. You may think you would've done it differently and you'd be right - we all do it differently. You may think you'd have been wiser from the get go - maybe so, maybe no. This story is interesting because it takes us into places most of us will never be except in our imagination. We get to travel with her, see the experience through her minds-eye. She's telling us everything, all the stumbles, all the parts we usually hide from others cos it makes us look dumb or shallow or narcissistic. There are pearls of wisdom seeded throughout the book. She didn't steal them from wise oracles. They sound so familiar because we've heard them before, but in this book, she's telling us how she's learning to incorporate them into her life - how to live them. I found this book uplifting, a reminder of the things I believe in, a reminder that we're supposed to live what we believe.