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One other thing -- part of the pathos of 9/11 was the fact that people in both towers who survived the planes ramming through were cut off from all possibility of rescue by the design of the buildings and their height. Some people spent something like an hour staring death in the face. What in One WTC addresses these issues? Fire can bisect a building for many reasons. There's a kind of Titanticesque hubris in assuming the design is fireproof. My son is a firefighter (not in NYC) so when I think of what's being built on "ground zero" what I wonder about is whether it's once again designed to kill firefighters for no good reason and to leave people alive & yet doomed if the building is bisected by fire. Why isn't that as much a cause for victim anguish as anything else? & why isn't that anguish given the same attention as that that's anti-Muslim?