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I don't think it is always bad necessarily, many of these cultures take marriage far more seriously (well at least claim to) and recognize the financial arrangements and responsibility vs. "thinking" you know..deciding later you were wrong and exploiting situations..certainly the children become vulnerable.
Sadly many cultures also struggle to educate; especially the girls. It does a create a situation where there are little options, and escaping into an "adult" life.. always a dream, a step towards independance.

The situation however can be easily exploited, no offense intended and that seems a horrible thing likened to slavery not truly embracing nor respecting partners.
But alas, the same abuses occur within (though not supposed to ) what i was told "marriage" is supposed to represent all forms. Perhaps more frequently (I don't know, but it seems to possess more stigma) arranged marriages. (maybe because it may be presumed a person may be moved to an area where they possess limited resources personally, a new social environment and one potentially they may not know the language in.) 2 cents