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I envy those of you who can see this in its entirety, especially those few people fortunate enough to experience the whole thing with the actual night sky over head and a breeze on the face. The play of lights over that bridge makes me smile big time. It makes me feel like a kid. I love it when artists do things like this. If I were standing in front of that bridge in real life, my bet is I'd experience a sense of joy of such magnitude I'd have a hard time not laughing.

Just as an aside, if you happen to have a blu-ray player, and a few spare shekels, the HD version of Ron Fricke's film "Baraka" (see ) is also filled with some fairly impressive images, having some spiritual force, like a monk hovering over a bed of flickering candle flames, dozens of flickering flames with yet another flame in hand lighting yet more candles. Here's a fine trailer for any of you who might be interested: