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You can say that again, Wendell Berry. They're going to start fracking in Southern Illinois between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers on two earthquake fault zones.Above ground, we are currently experiencing an extreme drought. My neighbors have been to the county board meetings. They've spoken with the Governor's aides. No one will take responsibility for slowing down the process. We created a group to raise awareness of the problems, but it's a difficult row to hoe. Here's the results of what our protests have accomplished so far.

Here's what's happening on my neighbors farms.

Tabitha Tripp, Union County

I live south of Liz and all the others here, in the outskirts of Union County with my partner and two kids. We live on 180 acres family farm. In total we have four wells we are worried about.

We spent 10 years building our home ourselves.

My children are the fifth generation to live on that land....

as long as we have well water.

There are seventeen other family wells on our road.

Union county is in a severe drought, currently 16” below normal. It’s the second driest on record.

The neighbor next door has lost calves, the other neighbor down the road is hauling water for his cattle- he never has before.

The corn and hay fields have dried up..

The nearest place to buy water in bulk for our family...18 miles one way.

I live downstream. I live the furtherest south out of all these friends.

My well water is recharged with the rain and surface water from the counties north of me- where the fracking is slated to begin. Any large removal of water, or contamination of the aquifers, surface spills of processed frack water, or pollution---it all effects our wells downstream.

Not only do we lack water to share with the fracking industry, the potential of contamination that the industry brings is too great a risk to our delicate communities.

Adding another complex layer of fossil fuel industry to the overburdened, overworked and underpaid state employees of IEPA, PHD and DNR is absurd. We need to halt these permits and get that moratorium in place before we create a mess we can’t clean up.

I have already met several people who’s water quality has been compromised.

In White county, there’s Steve Combs, Mr. Weasel, Mr Pilkington, and a person who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of loosing their job at a refinery.

Their water samples tested high in conductivity. Known failure of a nearby disposal well is the suspected cause.

But because they own private water wells the IEPA, refers them to PHD, who refers them to IDNR who then refers them to Office of Mines and Minerals, who then refers them back to PHD who then sends them back to OMM- in short no help.

It is several hundred dollars (that they don’t have) to get their water thoroughly tested for what ever the oil and gas companies have already injected into the nearby disposal wells which has made the well water highly corrosive and unsuitable for drinking.

Dwayne Felty of Hamilton County, recently brought a 40 acre farm with his life savings, and moved in July 1. On July 12 the conventional oil well on his farm, blew up.

After the fire department extinguished the fire, he was interrogated by the police and accused of lighting the match and causing the explosion. The methane gas is building in this low lying area- he is afraid that any day- it will blow up. again. We need help- You have no protections if you own a well and have no municipal water source. there is no one to protect us.

We need protection.

We need help.