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[Response to Scott Inglett's post] I appreciated the recommendation. I did invest 50 minutes, and found the time was well spent: Feynman's various musings and reminiscences were fascinating and quite enjoyable. For some reason, though, I assumed that the clip would shed more light on the spiritual questions raised in this forum. Imagine my surprise when, in the last five minutes or so, Feynman dispensed with all religious belief systems, defining them as "too small" for the vast reality he has helped to chart. If only you had warned us! For the occasional "Speaking of Faith" fan (e.g., me) who might have hoped for, say, some further insight with respect to the issue of a "divine mathematics," this particular viewpoint from a pre-eminent theoretical physicist might just be a bit of a bummer. (Probably only to be expected, though -- why do so many of the "best" Christians and Jews these days turn out to be secular humanists?)