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Could the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have more to do with the trauma of the Holocaust, and the more general experience of discrimination by a distinct and rather successful culture trying to survive in various parts of the world, only to find itself persecuted in times of economic stress. Isn't it reasonable that some, not all, in that culture, would seek to establish a refuge back "home". The biblical "title" has been around for thousands of years. Modern Israel, would seem to have some other basis than that "title". The ethnocentric like the comfort of a political entity or ethnic enclave based on shared values and appearances. I don't condone Israel taking land. I think they should buy it for a fair price. Displaced Palestinians might feel less retailiatory if they were compensated for their loss and thus able to build a new life. Perhaps someone of German background can explain what that nation has done to help. Maybe I, as an Amerian citizen, can advocate that more of our annual aid to Israel be in the form of the compensation of Palestinians, instead of the latest weaponry or barrier technology.