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One of my favorite Iris Murdoch quotes is the following, appearing on page 179 of her book "Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals":

"To attend is to care, to learn to desire to learn."

Weil also comes up in her writings. At one time I buried myself in both. I found some very good material online with respect to each that I'd like to share, for anyone interested.

First I found some wonderful material about Weil's notions of education and attention beginning on page 69 of the book "Fifty Modern Thinkers on Education" (Edited by Joy A Palmer). The book and that piece can be found online by doing a google book search.

Secondly the following contains an excellent summary of Murdoch's notions with respect to attention:

If you do choose to read them, be forewarned that the introductions may seem a bit off putting, but once you get past them you'll get the gist of what they had to say I think, without getting lost in things. It's the meat of what they had to say that's significant anyway, not the dirty details.