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I found the story about the function of play in learning to be timely for me in that one of my five school age children struggles with doing his best, appearing unfocused when he should be learning. In coordination with the school's principal and his teacher, we have recently changed our mindset on the negative reinforcement provided by detentions and have expanded his world by allowing him to play basketball with friends twice a week; the school also has allowed a reduction in assigned work to enable him to achieve, and have a feeling of achievement. We've just recently started this, so we'll have to see the results over the next couple months. My job involves much in the way of continuing education, and I will see what I may do to incorporate the idea of a fun learning environment in a technically challenging industrial profession. In prior experience as an instructor I would provide my students, from time to time, a bit of comic relief by emphasizing that these are the FUNdamentals, emphasis on fun.