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I often wonder why it is people need to identify the "other" in ways that are about exclusion and inhumanity. It's an old, sad story, that has cost millions of lives and has produced such brutality and sadness. I know it's time to embrace again a clarity of vision and purpose that is about one's fellow man, this family of man, around the world. This video says it all.

It's an old message, this message of compassion. I am seeing this everywhere on the Web, namely, so many people working with the same heartfelt mission, to make this world a better place. For "crying out loud", let's Do IT!

I see, in my heart of hearts, in my fondest dreams, hands across the world. We can do it. We can do it now. If not now, then, when? Eliminate cruel and make a masterpiece out of our lives and create then, a master peace, as crewel is also for embroidery of the finest kind. And kind is for man kind, a mandate, a man date.

Life is a journey and I think the journey stops here, at the River. It's time to recognize why we're here and what this story is all about. Love is the answer. Love has always been the answer. Why should something this simple be so hard?