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Hi Andy Dayton: Thanks so much for responding to me this DAY, following a deep discussion with a friend overseas about life's burdens and what we can do about this, individually and collectively.

It's nice to feel one isn't invisible in this vast sea of words.

In the Zohar, the Book of Splendor, a profound spiritual text, recently translated by Daniel Matt and others, there is repeated mention of: A River Flows Through it Out of Eden. We are meant to take note of this. There is a symphony that follows our days, running contrapuntally to all of our lives. To pick up the beauty of the strings, the percussion, the cymbals, this inchoate story, is to feel, deeply, that what is right is so clear in such videos as the ones above. If I were to characterize this video with a color I would say, violet, for that which is most spiritual.

I honestly believe this entire story is coded in the words we speak. Once you see it there is no going back. The keys are in the aleph bet. The letters.

Yes, words are so easy, and acts are so hard. Maybe the first ACT is over and now, it's time to move forward in the greatest act imaginable, to work, to truly work hard, to change this world in ways of peace, love, compassion.

And for this, we will need everyone. Anyone WILLing and able please apply.

Shakespeare: all the world's a stage...
maybe WILL was right and this is why we so feel his beautiful words.