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A number of books, actually, after my disclaimer of the Bible:

That Hideous Strength~ CS Lewis "Because before God, all seems 'feminine' and is freed. We don't pick our identities, but we are freest to be who we truly are. It changed my entire orientation to the idea of the self and personal identity. I was able to let go of all that I planned to control in the pathway of my life."

The Celebration of Discipline- Richard Foster "Because I learned to embrace the lost disciplines that so many Protestant Christians worry are 'works'."

The Orthodox Way~ Kallistos Ware "Because I left Protestant Christianity due to this book, which proved timelessness, and began the process overthrowing the Augustinian view of God the Father as one who weighs and balances scales and will only find me wanting."
Mary, The Untrodden Portal of God~ "Because this book sealed the Orthodox Christian teaching of a God the Father who is infinitely loving and creative. It articulated a doctrine, not of Augustinian or Calvinist weights and measures, not of a God who must collect a debt from his "just" nature, not a God divided against his own loving nature.

The Way of the Pilgrim~ Monk of the Eastern Church "Because I learned contentment and the exercise of prayer in all things, simplicity and acceptance of others despite struggle, loss, solitude."

Les Miserables~ Victor Hugo "Because it opened my eyes to the incongruity of a god of weights and measures and cruel cold justice. It created a hunger in me for a God not divided in natures, but one who hunger and longed for humanity and each person with such love that He might atone for sin, absolve evil, free us from the drive to compete for perfection."

The Brothers Karamazov ~ Dostoevsky "Because it taught me that true love for humanity is not from afar off, but the struggle of loving the nearest, most irritating, disbelieving, demanding, troubling, broken, abusive, and all who are next to me. Only by first loving those can we hope to be able to saints who live by 'He has shown you, o Man, what is good and what the Lord desires of you. To do justice (not the old fashioned I used to believe in), to love mercy and to walk humbly with God.' and James' teaching that the religion that is pure is to love widows and orphans and keep oneself from being tainted by the world." Continuing this lesson were the following;In the Name of Jesus, Compassion, (Nouwen), The Courage to Teach (Parker J. Palmer),

Blood Brothers~ Elias Chacour "Because it helped to overthrow the error of my dispensationalist eschatological theology. Israel, Palestine, Arabs, Christians and Jews are not mere pawns in game for the afterlife or some distant 'Kingdom of Heaven.'"

Things Fall Apart~ Chinua Achebe "Because it taught me utter caution in believing my own culture is superior. I wait to see how countries within continents, parts within wholes, individuals within communities reveal themselves. Or at least, I try to wait."

Wounded by Love~ Elder Porphyrios "Because his quiet humility teaches how silence, contentment and purity of thought reduce the violence we transmit, even unconsciously, in the world. It teaches how we can by focusing on our own salvation, we can participate to save those around us."