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You are misinformed about Linus Pauling and supplementation. Several scientific studies have refuted his earlier findings, and sadly Dr. Pauling's legacy as a nobel prize winner is tarnished by his propensity toward pseudoscience later in his career.

I suppose you also believe that the human body was designed to perfection by God, and that humans have squandered their inheritance through bad habits and poor nutrition. The human body was cobbled together over long evolutionary time, and modern scientific advances have increased health, longevity, and quality of life. Nutrition is important, but there is absolutely no evidence that high dose nutrients does anything but produce kidney stones and yellow urine. The research described in this podcast is revolutionary, and may every well increase longevity and quality of life, as well as cure many degenerative diseases. I believe that "God" is exactly of this nature, in that all that is available to humans is used to increase the happiness, health, and quality of life for all. This is the essence of God.