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You are being far too unkind to the value of nutritional supplements, and you should search with more care for the work that does attest to their value. Sometimes it is hard to find, as it seems that there is a bias against publishing this work, perhaps because journals tend to derive financial support from the pharmaceutical companies. If the fundamental question is "Does good eating improve health?", it is of value to read the text "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by the late Dr. Weston Price DDS. Although done many years ago, he makes an excellent case that for many populations (in many lands)
who were eating a "primitive" diet, far removed from "modern food", those populations were frequently devoid of degenerative disease. On the other hand, those populations which had been exposed to modern food for as little as a generation, were once again subject to degenerative diseases. Excellent reading. Charles Reinert ND, PhD