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Yoga has been instrumental in helping me confront and accept my alcoholism and addiction. After practicing for 3 years or so, I took a yoga teacher training to deepen my practice. It turned out to be a life changing experience, both illuminating and extremely painful. I moved through a great deal of fear and felt walls coming down that had been carefully constructed for 30 years. I couldn't hide in this process. I had to look at myself and my life.
I was fortunate to be surrounded by a compassionate, loving community, all of them facing their own difficulties and past, and as a group we drew strength from one another. These people saved my life.
Two years later, I am five months clean and sober and practicing yoga every morning. I attend AA daily and I hear a lot of AA in the messages of yoga and vice versa. So much of it seems to be about staying present, showing up, remaining grateful and humble and letting go of the painful things we don't need. Allowing God, whatever I believe that to be, into my life has taken away the loneliness and isolation that I thought would be there forever. Change is possible. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.