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I was listening to this evening SOF program about yoga, and I share my personal experience in case.. someone may want to advocate on behalf of yoga and get me interested again.

In the last three years I have become an "apostate", after 46 years as a fervent, bible-believing evangelical with several years as a missionary in Europe. I am now an agnostic, and someone suggested I try yoga. So I attended a class, which my friend said was suitable for beginners. I could not participate adequately, and in fact felt almost as if I had just attended an evangelical function, which scared me off quickly! A leader up front telling everyone what to do, calling out and performing moves that I had never heard of, a strange lingo that only the insiders knew, and no hope of twisting this 59-yr-old body into shapes that the others seemed to have no problem performing. I think at that moment, I understood what a person felt who had never before attended a church, suddenly finding himself in the middle of an evangelical worship service!

So there it is. Yoga sounds in theory like something that I might find useful, but my actual experience was not very pleasant. I don't need to be a "convert" to any other religion again, but am I being fair to yoga?