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What’s your practice? How do you bring body, mind, and spirit into alignment?

My yoga practice started when I was in high school in NYC in the mid-seventies. I got benefits right away with flexibility and focus. I continued through high school and after 4 years, I was hooked.

I stepped away from yoga for a couple of decades: life - college, move to the west coast, family, career. I found yoga again on a cable channel. And after all these years, my body memory helped me to remember poses and get back the "yoga calm" I had found all those years ago. I've done a few yoga classes around the SLC area. Now I've settled into a regular women's group who meets at a local church.

Just this year I was diagnosed with spine problems which manifests in lower back pain. My yoga practice continues to help me "create space" "stretch". There are some poses I can no longer do - anything that bends my back is very painful! Otherwise, I can stretch to my heart's content. What a blessing. I have something I can do to keep my body, spirit and mind into alignment.