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I began learning yoga in the 70s in dance and yoga classes. I loved the stretching and focusing of yoga to reach out physically, mentally and spiritually. In l975 I was shot three times in a robbery attempt with injuries to my shoulder, arm and pointer finger. In l979 I began doing the yoga I knew off and on to help me deal with the nightmare I found myself facing. In l981 I started doing yoga regularly every day and still do it to this day. It was/is a key tool in my recovery. It took me a long time to come to forgiveness. I had a lot to forgive. My parents were murdered the same night I was shot. But in l996 I came to a place of forgiveness which I feel yoga played a big part. I can't imagine not doing yoga. As I get older I need it even more to continue to be flexible. Thanks for your show on yoga. It made me realize how very crucial this practice has been for my living.