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Thanks, everyone for your stories of the impact of yoga in your life. Portwes, I wanted to say to you specifically, that though I have practiced yoga for 3 years now, I am not in any sense an adept, nor is it my ambition to be, actually. My balance is often poor, I fall over, and, well, Yoga Journal will not be calling to feature me on the cover. I recommend finding a yoga studio where you feel welcomed as you are--there are many that cultivate a warm and sharing environment. And, work at your own pace for the benefit of your own practice. It's not a race!

Thank you Carol, for your story of healing and forgiveness. I am heartened but not surprised to hear that yoga has played a role in that. Jeremy, like you I have struggled with addiction. I am so happy to hear yoga has been a help to you as it has for me. There are many ways to practice yoga, and many reasons for practicing it. For me, it has been a true gift, and I look forward to my foot healing so I can get back to it more frequently!