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Thanks Krista for your wonderful programs. This one was heard while driving to work on a Sunday morning. It cast a spell of beauty over me like that cloak of John's. I first heard of John by reading a favorite author, Diane Ackerman. She wrote a short story about coping with his passing in her recent book, Dawn Light. I have been thinking about John all week and thanking you for the beautiful hour on Being. I am with you most Sundays as I make my way to work.

John is one of the greatest gifts I have had in my life - he is/was such a beauty soaked human. I love how he dug deeply into the human condition, looking for and offering his discovered beauties. His own insights are so wondrously shared and offered as blessings - his "ahhhh" moments are immediately available and so intimate. I will always thank God that I discovered the joy of his work and his writing and his philosophy. It has been as he would say "HUGE" in it's impact on me.