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Thank you for introducing Dr Zak in the "Speaking of Faith" program. I believe it's right place for a person of such conviction that his personal success (at any cost) is of such importance to humanity. I have no doubt that he is right that a "stress" is an opportunity for a person and a society, but I'll feel better if he gives away his job, his property, his house, his health insurance and comes back in several years to report his new findings. Although I am impressed by the strength of his beliefs in our society, I must present my own belief (actually based on knowledge).
Dear Dr Zak, there is a difference between propaganda (look up the word) and reality (look up the word). We don't live in a democracy - we live in a plutocracy. You believe in our legal system, fine. But there is reality.
This and similar conversations terrify me. American science gave the world negative eugenics and a number of similar treasures in the past (my favorite "Many Negroes are mentally ill, because they clearly dislike slavery," a psychologist, 1858?). Now, we are exposed to various neuro .... which more often then not pretend to be science. Not all innovations are wonderful, Dr Zak (look up such words as "history," "communism," "fascism")