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The current financial chaos in the world has created a figure of speech in which opposite or contradictory ideas are combined: “moral market, the science of trust, neuroeconomics, behavioral economics, business ethics,” and others.

Knowing beforehand this is a human behavior to understand what is going on with the economy mainly - not only with words but with actions – we have to make a decision for the well being of humanity and my own.

Living differently in this approach to the global crisis does not require understanding of the contradictory terms. They sound interesting; but, they are not making any real contribution to the change we are advocated now. Changing terms to overcome bad times is like changing religions to search something it must be always unchangeable: Trust.

When is enough enough? How much we trust? Who knows how much human damage is being wrought? No clue for people who are supported for a job, family, health, government, or any other extrinsic structure. It is in the middle of failure and catastrophe when trust is real; it is only in the throes of depression when people trust in them or in their medication; only with the harassment of enemies, when we go to that existential emptiness to love or destroy them. In the midnight or deep darkness we know who is who.

Recycling our words to keep this world running, giving to the brain the responsibility of something that is indeed not common sense, deploying material energy, businesses, and people to the illusion we are creating efficiency, is confirming we have a boner. Trading ethical values: trust, dignity, compassion, happiness, freedom, peace, and well being is the only way to transcend a body that only eats food for the brain.