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“The human mind has enormous ability to adapt to what a subsequent generation would come to refer to as "stress” and also a powerful homeostatic capacity” (Allyn and Adele Rickett, 2008).

Neuroeconomics and cleansing together sound to me like “brainwashing.” How do we put our trust and life’s dignity in a “moral molecule”? Even though the human evolution is correlated between science and faith, the assimilation of our survival is both intrinsic and extrinsic. The human inclination towards moral behavior is intrinsic motivation. Yes, it starts in the human limitation of the brain: 5, 10, 15%?

Markets are human creations, and human creations are created by human evolution to the high of a human term: God. If god is a human creation, it dwells in the brain or DNA. Motivation then is like food or protein for the brain.

“Come on! Ogethics. You are almost being homeless. Come down to the real world: what can be the motivation for you, without money and nothing to eat? Don’t even think to say trust or dignity!” Well. “Of course it is food and water.” Common sense logic in most people can say that, but I am not sure that happens in me yet.

Am I connected with God? Or just ready to be disconnected from the G concept, and live in a vegetative existence, without the G-brain imagination? Could I develop a state of paroxysm and feel nothing when obligated to crossing that physical limit beyond my control?

How these homeless people can survive in the middle of such as stress and ignominy?

Is it possible that I can make the unknown connection in my brain, and find some motivation to live without food and water for 6 perhaps 10 days, and not allow it to kill my faith, my ethics, my God? A sacrifice? Negligent suicide?

I do not know. It threats to be cruel, crazy, ridiculous, and around the corner.