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Ethics must not be a choice between unpleasant alternatives. Ethics must be right within the perspective of being human. No dilemmas. Ethics does not depend on any situation, but ethical dilemmas depend on the circumstances.

That is why we are living in an ethically complex, grim, and relentless world which needs a vision of utopia to instill in its inhabitants a belief in ethical schemes for idealistic or utopian people; visionary schemes for producing perfection in human conditions and limitations. We are not perfect due to our human nature. What some people ignore is that when we do the right thing we are extending our human limits and expanding consciousness to the way of perfection even though it is impossible.

Everyone knows perfectly well that our own efforts are never going to bring us anywhere near perfection. On the other hand, we must realize from the outset that the goal towards which ethics is beginning to guide us is absolute perfection or utopia.

No power in the whole universe -- except us ourselves -- can prevent ethics from taking us to that goal. We do not need to do the impossible; we just need to obey the ethical law inside us once it is discovered.