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Yes Anna, because words make not sense to ethical values, but actions. Living together. Do you want to live with me and trade with you what I said? It is the only way to know if they make sense to you. Knowing about each other is indeed sharing our thoughts and routine.

We are not living together in this world today. It is not how we are doing in our jobs or lives today: something is wrong, and that is in us. We don't really care about ourselves: do you really care about me? That is the best way to take care about you. But all that “nonsense words” start first in an ethical egotism inside you and inside me. From that point, we will trade each other our ethical natural values.

Even though I am a very nice educated ethical person, I do not have a job, health insurance, friend, family, or where to go after last 15 days from today. I will lose my apartment, my few belongings, my credit, and maybe 2 or 3 hours of sleep. But I have my trust untouchable, my happiness, my freedom, my peace, and the reality that my life is thankfully supporting them, and supporting you, whether or not you want.