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People work some 70-80 hours a week not because of ambitions, escapism, filling of emptiness, but because they are terrorized. In addition, unlike you, they don't have servants, secretaries, private lawyers, bankers, doctors, teachers etc. to deal with this reality. By ignoring the real life of the vast majority of Americans, and by preaching mindfulness to them you are blaming the victims. Give them a moment to sit (without fear) and they will mindful. Preaching "stress management" INSTEAD of 40 hour week, decent vacations, sick days etc. is repulsive.
Frankly, I don't know why this program and similar which have nothing to do with "faith" and everything with opportunism/self interest are part of the series "Speaking of faith."
Personally, I am sick and tired of American constant destructive/distractive psychobabbling.