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The "Law of Impermanence", which Jon Kabat-Zinn speaks of came screaming in my life with a diagnosis of cancer some years ago. It was at that intersection of change and suffering that I "crossed over" to an even deeper contemplative life of awareness and living life "minding" the moments; the scent of honeysuckle wafting through the air at the advent of summer, the vibrancy of colors and depths of textures in the blooming blossoms of Springtime, the softness of babies cheeks...and I really thought I was "aware and mindful" of these gifts of life around me before the diagnosis of cancer but holding the moments of life in awareness became even more profound and precious as I traversed through the journey of cancer...and I'm sure this might be true for anyone with such a diagnosis or grave loss. Today, each day I am gifted to be alive, my "mindfulness" of what's around me, who is around me, my own breath and beating heart increases it, i.e., mindful living. Yet even now with cancer in remission and those daunting early days of managing the cancer train, it is not, however, an easy practice as the "routines" of managing life still rush in about me. I'm just quicker to stop the "treadmill" of my life's responsibilities and breath into living and seeing and smelling and hearing life vibrating around me and "take in" rather than do a "drive-by" glimpse of life around me. The practice of "Mindfulness" has become a deeper level of awareness of me "in the moments" and a practice of finding the joy of anyone and all things around me, since the diagnosis of cancer.