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During Krista's conversation with Jon Kabat-Zinn on mindfulness Krista asked him if he thought that the rapid shift in the past 15 years from a slower non-digital more local, less global world to a global digital world in which people have less time when they are not workng, is the reason that people lost touch with their own authentich core natural empathy - which he and she had talked about. Kabat-Zinn responded that perhaps it was, but that from his point of view the problems we are now facing are also caused by simple greed. I would like to offer an additional thought on these comments. My own work for 30 years as a neuroscientist has been on Jung's Falsification of Type and its costs. Falsification of Type is a huge global and human problem. And it does create obstacles to authentic spirituality . But Falsification of Type has been going on for more than 15 or 20 years. It has been going on for 200 to 400 years with the industrial revolution and its impact on working habits and the invention of paper and printing capability which both support written language and communication. The values and needs which shaped society during this period of time have the need for logically adept leaders and supported by workers adept at routine procedure. In this situation the distribution of the workforce 10 percent in management using logic and 80-90 percent in labor using detailed routine procedures. The result has been this. Globally as every place becomes industrialized, it adopts this bi-modal system of training, using and rewarding these two sets of human thinking skills. People have natural specialized ways of thinking which their brain does so effectively they are joyful and happy when working, but in this period, to hold jobs, to satisfy normal challenges most people had to falsify type. The result is chronic exhaustion, chronic anger, chronic fear...

Importantly for those seeking to help humanity connect with deeper values, when we use our natural gifts we are joyous and experience enthusiasm, which means that we do not trigger fight or flight or conserve withdraw. We are truly free to live and enjoy life using our gifts. We but truly in free to live and deciding base on our own brains needs to use its own gifts, what we want to do. When we do so we are in natural enthusiasm (not covert anger, or anger, or fear). From this position of positive, validated enthusiasm, we naturally open to feeling empathy which Krista and Jon Kabat-Zinn mention and would like all of us to be able to connect with as it in some ways helps us also connect with being mindful.

Also, it is true that people whose natural gifts are in what Jung called Feeling (that is their brain is naturally efficient in the Right Poster Cortical Convexity) and they get the need for empathy and midfulness because you might say, it is "their job" to build peace and good will and trust. Sadly many natural feelers because they are falsifying type use their gifts to harm others not help. But if and when we understand this and begin to identify and use our own natural preferences, not the skills we have mastered because it is the one which is rewarded, we can all enjoy more connection, more of a sense of empathy for ourselves and others.

Another aspect of what happens to those who are falsifying type is important to connecting with others with truth. Because people know what they love to do and know when they are truly enjoying what they do, if they are supported to use and develop and contribute their gifts and are in some ways rewarded for their natural gifts, they use and develop them. But when they are not, the first thing they have to do is begin to lie to themselves. This happens because to continue doing for hours and days and weeks and years thing your brain does not enjoy but finds exhausting, frustrating etc, means you have to stop telling yourself the truth. Once you are lying to yourself and disconnected from this truth, lying to someone else, or cheating someone else is must easier. Once people reconnect with their natural gifts and their natural enthusiasm, they are naturally positive and affirming of others, and naturally open with empathy to others.