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Dear Dr (?) Benziger,
"The value of this period have been logic drive by leaders and routine procedure drive by workers with the distribution of the workforce 10 percent in management using logic and 80-90 percent in workforce using detailed routine procedures"
Only in a mind of a neuroscientist. In other words, this is fiction or rather pure dogmatism.
"to hold jobs to satisfy normal challenges most people had to falsify type. The result is chronic exhaustion, chronic anger, chronic fear" Does it matter if a person falsifies the type for 40 hours a week or 80 hours a week? Does it matter whether a person is afraid of losing medical care when needed or not? Does it matter whether children are safe when parents work or not? etc.
"And importantly for those seeking to help humanity connect with deeper values"
Why don't American doctors fight for a civilized way to help "humanity connect with deeper values."
This is a good way to show "empathy."