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i liked this programme. i suspect it'll be a few more listens 'til i've absorbed it as fully as i'd like but i've found some helpful thoughts in it.

i was introduced to some mindfulness practice in the past year in a therapeutic recovery context, which is a little different from the context discussed by krista and jon.
it was applied in part for the purpose of being emotionally and physically aware in the present rather than caught in the trap of replaying traumatic past events. which of course creates a double whammy when those experiences are projected onto the future as fear.
in that context, mindfulness can be helpful for learning how and where emotions "feel" in the body and listening to its cues, and also learning how to be present to reality as it IS in the present. which might seem obvious to some people but can be a difficult experience for those who have been physically threatened or abused, and/or have experienced sustained psychological/emotional stress or abuse.
we carry so much memory in the body and for some, tragically, the body has been violated/abused, or simply carries so much emotional trauma, that it is not a home one feels safe in or one cannot bear to fully feel one's "feelings".
the principles are just as jon was describing but applied in a different setting.

this programme has been an encouragement to start being a little more disciplined in my own practise. thanks too for posting the video.

i thought this makes an interesting companion to the brother thay programme.... and i've just checked the main page and i see you linked it already. :) but it also, in light of the above, has underlying links to the programme, the soul in depression, and also to the programme on the spirituality of addiction recovery. in both those experiences, healing the relationship of mind, body and spirit as an organic whole is deeply important.

anyways, all that to say, i thought i worth noting another application of mindfulness meditation. i don't know how widely it's being utilised by therapeutic practitioners in this way but i've seen and experienced its usefulness.

as always, with gratitude,