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The fact that you've reduced everything in that lecture to 'stress management' makes it clear that you haven't really listened to anything he said. You strike me as someone who has not read any of the literature on meditation or awareness or mindfulness or whatever word you prefer. It has nothing whatsoever to do with accommodating the practice of mindfulness into your daily life at the expense of anything else; your life in all its aspects and mindfulness are not mutually exclusive. In fact, it's the exact opposite--every second of your waking life you have awareness, this is simply talking about fully embracing that aspect of your existence. It has nothing to do with avoiding history (past or future), nothing to do with condescending to any social class, nothing to do with ignoring the real life of the vast majority of Americans. Advocating mindfulness is not pointing a finger in blame, it's not accusing anyone of any misdoing or insulting anyone's intelligence or morality, it is anything but accusatory. You've missed the point. It seems that when expected this video to be about workers' rights or something, where you got that idea I'm not sure but that's a different forum and one that is probably quite accessible on the internet. Don't complain about the content, it's Jon Kabat-Zinn talking here not Lenin. What's ironic is that people who feel overworked or stressed out would benefit THE MOST from this type of exercise in awareness. I know I did.