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I can only mention two examples about this topic. The one was an article a BBC journalist wrote about five years ago. She said that in the mid-90s she received a job promotion. In negotiating her new contract percs, she stipulated that she wanted her own cell phone. At that time there was only a collective phone in the journalists' office and she wanted a number of her own and a phone she could call from any time she wished. Ten years later, while negotiating her next job promotion contract, she negotiated that she had no cell phone. The movement of availability made unavailability a luxury.

Secondly, I used to sail a lot and often in waters where there were dolphins and whales and huge sea turtles. Seeing any of these creatures is like being visited by something divine; when "being present" is essential to feeling the magic. It always surprised me how often peoples' reaction was to go below and get their cameras, risking missing the sighting, or spending the flighting encounter behind a camera lens, instead of looking eye-to-eye with these creatures of beauty.