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Technology is a very disturbing two edge sword. I am very wary of it. It is very useful for ease of communication in business and personal scenarios (my family plan with my out of state sons' is my life line with them), research etc. . . .but so mesmerizing and thus subtlely controlling that we donot need (or remember how) to be here now. . . . and if we are young-donot know how to be here now and personally relate to one another. I believe it is part of the greater control of media to entertain, influence to consume, and control. A pablum.(sp)-I've been meaning to read Marshall McLuhans book. Perhaps as each young generation bottoms out, they will then find their balance-(NO- I don't want to be available all the time for whatever is so trivial . . .)but the challenge is the ever increasing new technologies-the ease of the cell phone imbedded in out heads, instead of clipped on out ear.